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What is Connect?

Through universal screenings, Connect identifies needs and links families to the programs that best serve them. This coordinated intake and referral process ensures the best fit for families and streamlines access to services. At the same time, it improves program enrollment and retention rates, reduces duplication of efforts and builds a broader early childhood system of care in Florida.

Connect helps pregnant women, caregivers and families with young children by providing a one-stop entry point for needed services, such as education and support in childbirth, newborn care, parenting, child development, food and nutrition, mental health and financial self-sufficiency.


  • Pregnancy education and support

  • Childbirth education

  • Newborn care instruction

  • Breastfeeding education and support

  • Parenting education and support

  • Counseling services

  • Help to quit smoking

  • Nutritional education

  • School readiness

  • Child development education and support

  • Family planning education

  • Car seat safety

  • Infant safety

  • Home visiting programs

  • Other community resources

How can you Connect?

You can reach us by calling (321) 363-3024 or sending an e-mail to

Referral form

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Are you a dad interested in participating in a program that can help you be the best dad you can be? 
Click the logo below for more information and how to enroll in our Fatherhood Program. 

In partnership with:

Home Visiting Programs in Seminole County

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